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The information contained in this site is the compilation of the work of dozens of people.  Although much effort has gone into verifying what is presented I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.  Where sources are known, those sources are cited.  All information should be independently verified by any interested genealogists before accepting its validity.  This site is meant to be a secondary source and point of reference only.
This site is dedicated to preserving the history of our Family.  Any pictures, stories, or documents that you feel would contribute to this site are gratefully accepted. 
   We have created this website in an attempt to preserve and share the heritage that is ours.  The website is named Tidwell Family History, but isn't limited to the Tidwell line, it includes information on all lines of our family including the Thompsons, Laycocks, Smiths and their ancestors.  We can only take credit for a part of the content.  What is presented is the result of many hours of work done by others in our family to whom we are greatly appreciative.  Our goal is to share all of the work that has been done with others who might value it, and in some small way do our part to help preserve it. 
   Feel free to download any pictures or documents that you wish, and linking to this site from your own homepages or blogs is certainly encouraged.  In return we ask that you share copies of any family history items or information that you might have in your possession with us so we can pass it along to others who visit this site.
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